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www.toyotasera.co.uk is the home of the UK Toyota Sera Registry.

Since its start in 1998, communication has been established with over 150 Sera owners in the UK and a similar number in countries outside of both the UK and Japan, where there is a thriving owners community.

The Sera itself was a concept car that became production reality, launched in March 1990. Just under 16,000 were manufactured before the end of production in December 1995.

The vast majority of these cars were made in the first year (over 9000) with production tailing off due to various factors - namely the downturn in the Japanese economy as well as being a victim of fashion.

Now, twenty years since the Sera was launched, the Sera is enjoying a renaissance in popularity, and is becoming recognised as a future classic and over the past few months, prices of Seras in Japan have risen, not just because of demand from buyers intending to export the car from Japan, but also due to increasing demand for these cars in Japan.

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The Sera is 20 years old in 2010. Sera owners around the world need to get together to mark this milestone!

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